Corporate. Investments. M&A

  • assisting with setting up a company in Belarus including drafting all constituent documents, as well as representation of the Client's interests in state registration bodies and banks;
  • assisting with opening and winding up of representative offices of foreign companies in the Republic of Belarus;
  • advising on corporate restructuring of business;
  • drafting shareholders agreements, local regulatory legal acts and bylaws of the company;
  • advising on labor issues including drafting of bylaws on commercial secrets, confidentiality agreements (NDA), non-compete and non-solicitation agreements, etc .;
  • advising on mergers and acquisitions including legal due diligence of the target and preparation of the report on the results thereof, participation in negotiations on behalf of the Client, structuring the transaction, drafting / analysis of the transaction and other related documents, advising on tax consequences and other financial matters;
  • consulting on privatization issues including due diligence of the privatization object, representation of the Client's interests in negotiations and drafting / analysis of all the relevant documents;
  • advising on implementation of investment projects in such sectors and industries as construction and real estate, industry, energy, telecommunications, etc., including representation of the Investor's interests in negotiations with state authorities and other companies, as well as drafting and assistance in concluding of an Investment agreement with the Republic of Belarus;
  • advising on investment issues within the Free Economic Zones of the Republic of Belarus, as well as on becoming a resident of the Great Stone Industrial Park and High-Tech Park.
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